Tuesday, July 18, 2006

China Heritage Camp

Here is Nicci with her class. She was with the Fish Group. She was one of two American born kids in her class.

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Lots Going On Last Week

Last week we had China Heritage Camp. It started on Thursday and ended on Saturday. Nicci was in the Fish group and was one of two American born children. She learned so much! I was very impressed with all that she did and learned. She learned a little Chinese in songs and basic language (numbers, greetings, etc.), she learned some Kung Fu, she learned a little about their cooking, and general information about the country itself. I was in some Parent Education classes the first two days. The first day was about talking to your child about being adopted. The second morning I was in a Chinese cooking class. We learned how to make boiled pork dumplings. It sounds kind of gross, but they were very good! The third morning I worked in the nursery. Ethan was one of three American born kids and one of two boys. The other boy was American born also. They were all so cute and fun to be around! Conner couldn't go because he was at church camp for the weekend. I did take him up there twice so he could just get used to seeing what it's like.
This same week we received our dossier packet. This is most of the rest of our part of the paperwork that goes to China. We are so close to being done with our part it's hard to believe! After our part the big wait comes! WOW!

Our New Puppy!

We got Jasmine Shiloh a week ago today. She is now 7 weeks old! She is a great dog and doing very well on potty training and crate training. Conner and Nicci love her a lot. Ethan really doesn't like her at all! Lyndal thinks she's pretty cute too! She is named after Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's daughter Shiloh because she was born two days after her :)! She's a pug and wont' get very big, about 20 lbs.

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Monday, July 10, 2006

One Step Closer!

We just finished our last home study visit. Rebecca came to visit us at our house this time. She took a tour of the house to make sure we weren't living unsafely and then sat down to ask us some questions about our families and about adjustment issues for the little China baby. She also asked the kids a few questions. She asked Conner how he was punished when he misbehaved and he told her that he's gotten about 50 spankins! Nicci told her that the China baby will like her daddy because he hunts (Lyndal doesn't hunt). Then in the middle of Conner talking Nicole let a little pootie go!! Luckily, everyone laughed (especially Nicole). Rebecca was a lot of fun to get to know and she was so sweet and very helpful.
The CCAA posted that they had finished matching children with families with an LID of June 28, 2005. Right now they are running at almost a year from LID to referral. This could speed up or slow down. It's been known to be 6-8 mos. of a wait or has gone as far as being 15 mos. We are hoping and praying for the time to get shorter not only for our benefit but for the waiting families and all the children needing forever families.
Our next step will be working on our dossier and continuing work with USCIS (immigration). Nicci and I are going to China Heritage Camp this Thursday through Saturday (Conner will be at church camp). It will be a lot of fun getting to know some of the families and learning about the Chinese culture. YEAH!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Funny Conner Story

James and Sue came to visit us on Friday and Sue wanted to go to the Philbrook Art Museum. Conner said, "Is it Chinese art?" Sue said, "No." Conner said, "Good. Cause I'm about Chinesed out. With her (me - Lori) it's Chinese this and Chinese that."
Poor guy. I guess he thinks I'm over doing it a little. Oh well!