Friday, April 25, 2008


Let me just start by saying that God's hand is ALL over our adoption (as well as tons of others). Back when we found out we were expecting our fourth child (Carlie) we had to pull our dossier out of line. Since Carlie has been born we sent a letter to the CCAA requesting our dossier be put back in line. We weren't sure where they would put us, it was up to them. We received word last week that our dossier is exactly where it was before - 12-11-2006!!!! We have not lost any ground at all. AND, we got word today from our agency that we are past the review room. In the review room they look at everyone's dossier making notes or contacting our agency with any questions (they had none for anyone in our travel group). After the review room is the "matching room" (we are still behind a lot of other people - so it will still be a while before we are actually matched with a little girl). Isn't that exciting!!!

I wish I had more time to write, but we have a busy weekend ahead of us and I am the packer/organizer.