Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gods Heart: Adoption

This video is absolutely beautiful. It makes me want to adopt them all, but we can't do that. Our job now is to support others adopting, encourage those with questions, pray for the orphans, and listen.

I know you are waiting for pictures of the move and new house, but I can't find my card reader to down load the pictures off the camera! It's in a box somewhere. We'll find it eventually. You would think that with two weeks of being snowed in we would have had everything all unpacked and organized. But, you see, we have a few kids running around here. And, well, they require at least 'some' attention and feeding and cleaning and disciplining and loving on. So, not many boxes have gotten unpacked except the necessities! I did unpack the LAST of the kitchen boxes on Friday. What a great feeling that was!
This house was not left very clean at all. So, I've also spent a great deal of time scrubbing everything. I've even had to take down light fixtures to get the TON of spiders out of them - ew! Not pretty (the light fixtures AND the spiders).
I promise there will be pictures soon. Lots going on here!