Tuesday, September 26, 2006

One of My Favorite Pictures

I just had to post this one. It's from Candy Day last year. It was totally spontaneous, I didn't tell them to pose this way. I think it's just hilarious! Posted by Picasa
Here are a few recent pictures of the kids and Jasmine. Ethan is getting so big and so ornery which is just the way I like him! That's Nicci with Hannah, then Conner with Jacob and Blaine at our annual "Blessing Party." Our three families get together for dinner, a "Back to School Relay," and we pray over our kids before they start school. As far as the adoption goes we are still waiting for what they call the PPP (pesky piece of paper) from USCIS. Once we get that in we take it to our agency's office and we are done with paperwork until we have our baby girl!

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