Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Brief Update on What is Going on in Our Adoption

Last month Rebecca came to do a homestudy update so we could be on track with immigration. We also sent a letter to the China Center for Adoption Affairs to have our dossier reinstated. We had been on hold for a while waiting for Carlie to be born. We have not heard about our new "Log In Date", but another family in a similar situation had their dossier returned with their original travel group. This is good news! We may not be any further behind! God is so good! It will still be about 2 years (or more) before we have her. Carlie will be 2 by then and that will be a good age to bring a new baby sister home.
China is doing very good right now. Domestic adoptions are on the rise. Of course, the ideal situation would be for these girls to remain in their home country, but that does mean that the international adoptions are fewer. God is in charge, we are not worried, OK most of the time we are not worried.