Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Day in the Life of Our Four Year Old

I was upstairs. I hear a BANG then a CRASH. I run downstairs thinking something breakable fell off a shelf and broke, but no such luck. I found the door. I found the dude. I said, "Why did you throw the nozzle at the door?" He said, "I was aiming for Jasmine." He was OK, no blood, no cuts on anyone. Guess we are getting a new door. He was mostly shocked at the fact that he didn't get into trouble. I love this kid!
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A New Addition to the Family!!!

My Mother-In-Law is gonna kill me! But if she knows how much her son wanted this just as much as I did then maybe she'll be OK. It's just that she thinks I already have my hands full, that's all.

Oh well.

But THIS addition is JUST what we NEEDED. She's perfect in every way!

She has a beautiful shiny black coat, she's already housebroken, she sleeps in her own little space at night. She's a purebred and came with all her papers. The kids, for the most part, love her.

They are really gonna love her when they get to play with her, which is soon. Momma's not quite ready to let her loose yet.

We're gonna have her around for a good 12-15 years. Maybe one of the kids will take her to college with them? I don't know. We've bonded pretty much with her around here. She may not wanna leave her momma.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

And THIS is Why We Went to the Mall

Carlie got her ears pierced! Poor baby girl did not know what to expect even though I tried to prepare her. She cried for just about 2 minutes then she said, "I got my ear pierced!" She thought she was pretty big stuff with her Hello Kitty earrings. She's such a hoot and just so sweet. You just want to squish her!
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A Trip to the Mall With Friends

So, who wants to go to the mall with eight kids and 2 adults? ME!!! Sign me UP! That's what we did this afternoon (I'll tell you why in a second) - 4 of mine, all 4 of hers, 1 of mine was in Piedmont. We didn't lose anyone and didn't acquire any new ones - which is good cuz some might say I got my hands FULL. I'm good.
Check out what Ethan found in Macy's? A comfy bed! HA! He even kicked his shoes off :).
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Monday, March 15, 2010

This is How Spring Break Started . . .

We enjoyed our cereal . . .

but some of us wish we could've slept longer . . .
and some of us wake up happy no matter what . . . .
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Then we went to the church and did a little of this . . .
. . . with some of our church family . . .
where we did a little of this . . . .
OK, maybe a lot of this . . . .
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And ended with this . . . which I got from and oh my ganache. It is to die for!

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