Friday, December 19, 2008

Bittersweet Stockings

We finally have stockings for everyone. The past few years we've sort of had a mismatched set of this or that, not sure if we want to add a 'dad' or 'mom' stocking or not, and we just never had "good" stockings. So, I found this company on ebay to embroider our names on our stockings, all seven of us. SEVEN OF US! It didn't really hit me until they came in that we have five children. Whether they are all in our home or not, we have five children. And, when I pulled them all out of the package they came in, Avery's was the first one I saw, and it was so sudden, that we are really missing someone. Precious Avery.

There are things in our lives that have just become a part of us. We have this map of China in our hallway. We have this book about China on our shelf. We have a massive stack of papers allowing us to have her. We have friends who have adopted children from China who send us pictures of their children and their beautiful Asian faces are in our house. We talk about Avery. We pray for Avery and her birth parents. She has become such a part of our lives even though she isn't physically here that we forget she's a part of our lives. And then her stocking comes in the mail, with HER name on it and it all comes back to us - what we are doing. We are waiting for our baby girl.

This Christmas we are so grateful that we have four kids to keep us busy and watch them enjoy the gifts of Christmas. What would it be like if we were a couple who couldn't have kids? But, we KNOW what that face looks like when they "get" Christmas and Santa. Thank you God that we know! And to be privileged to see it more times is such a blessing! I CAN NOT wait to see it on each of my children's faces, but Avery's will be such a special blessing. Not more special than the others, just different special.

I pray that I am not having the same feelings next Christmas. That I am able to show you actual pictures of Avery with her brothers and sisters dressed in her Christmas dress. I know that God's timing is perfect and I do want His will to be done. As any mother, I just want my children home.
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All is Right With the World

Carlie now has enough hair for a ponytail. She is so proud!

Apparently, in Tulsa we don't have "snow days" anymore, we have "ice days." Sunday night we got an ice storm and now the kids are on their second day of not having any school. I used to be brave and drive in whatever kind of weather, but not now. I'm a wimp. I know other people are out in it, but I just haven't gone farther than my mailbox. We seem to be doing alright. However, the grocery situation could be getting critical if we don't get out tomorrow. Not having any bread for sandwiches can turn into sort of a good thing! We have eaten things out of the freezer that we probably shouldn't have - ha ha! My Christmas shopping is at a bit of a lull, but I have most of it done. There's just a few things I need to get out and get. So, we are cozy (thank goodness the electricity has stayed on!), we have hot chocolate, we have movies, we have books, and we can take warm baths. So, life is pretty good! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!! I'm locked up with no adult conversation for almost 48 hours straight!! We are out of bread, almost out of milk, almost out of laundry detergent, almost out of juice, no fruit to eat!!!!!! AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!! I'm gonna start yoga this afternoon.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Carlie, a Spoon, and a Bowl

Carlie does this "eh" thing, which means 'I want something and you need to figure it out.' It's not very cute at all, but she is communicating, sometimes she does some signs after we tell her to, but for the most part it's "eh." So, the other night she was "eh'ing" at us and we finally figured out that she was wanting a bowl and a spoon like everyone else. Can you imagine us all hopping around trying to figure out what she wants, bringing her various objects until she nods that that is what she wants? It's really not that bad, but we want the "eh'ing" to stop pretty quickly so we try to guess. Once we figured out it was a bowl and spoon she was thrilled! She kept pounding the spoon into the bowl trying to get food on to it, but not much luck. She resorted to picking it up with her fingers. But, hey, we are learning!
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Long Lost Items!

Today, I was searching for a key, our extra house key. I couldn't find it anywhere, but I had a sneaking suspicion of who might know where it was. So, I frisked him, the three-and-a-half year old. He didn't have the one I was looking for, but I did find this blobby looking thing in his pocket on the left. It is a different house key that I had been looking for. It's all wadded up in gum. He had stuck a pack of gum in his pocket one day and I didn't check his pockets (he's not much of a pocket guy, that's his older brother). So, I guess the gum joined with the house key to form one giant mass. Does anyone know how to get gum off a house key?

The remote has been missing for at least a couple of years, at least since the now three-and-a-half year old could walk. Thankfully, we didn't need it to do most of the stuff we needed to do on our TV, only to adjust the picture size (we watched stuff on "stretch" for a while until Lyndal figured out how to do it without a remote. That was fun, Op*ah on "stretch"). We searched everywhere for it, we tore our big TV room a part looking for this thing just sure it would eventually show up. Maybe he'd thrown it in the trash can? It was outside somewhere? We waited several months before we finally broke down and bought a new one. Today I was going through the tall bin that I store wrapping paper in and there it was, the long lost remote. I'm sure it felt like one of Andy's toys from Toy Story being gone so long (Remember Squeaker? The plastic penguin whose squeaker was broken?). We will reunite it with it's brothers and sisters very soon.

So, do I need to keep this kid on a tether attached to my belt loop? Or tie a string from my toe to his toe?
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Monday, December 08, 2008

Stove Grilled Corn

I accidentally prepare this dish, not a lot, but some. Mainly because my family doesn't want me to fix "stove grilled" corn much. Here's the recipe:

1 bag of frozen corn (we like sweet, if it starts out sweet then it off sets the burnt taste)
1/4 cup of water
1 tsp. of butter

Put all into a small sauce pan and simmer on low heat at the beginning of the entire meal prep time. Now, just fuggedaboudit. Once you remember that you had corn on the stove (about 20 minute? I don't know, not sure how long it's been sitting there), stir. You now have nicely stove grilled corn!

Stay tuned and I'll tell you about flavor packets in roasts!
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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

LAST Batch I Promise!

I have quite a few pictures of me, my middle sister, and my three cousins, that is what the top and second picture is. The second picture has a funny story to it. My sister Angie, notice how there is a gap of space between her and the rest of us? Well, she was the "asker," she was the youngest (for 8 years), and she was really cute. Whenever the five of us would want something, but we thought our mom's might say no we'd rehearse with Angie what to say and have her go ask. Well, this happened to be Easter Sunday and we wanted to walk to the corner store which was a few blocks away and guess what. Our mom's said no. Who did we get mad at? Angie. OBVIOUSLY it was her fault, right? That is so sad! Look at how cute she is in her little pink gingham dress, that white bow in her hair, and those ankle socks. I'm sorry Angie! It's not your fault! You can go to the corner store in your Easter dress now! (Yeah, that's me in the glasses.)
Check out my mom's hair in that last picture. Is that real?! That couldn'tve been the style! Who does that? How does that happen? Just kidding mom, it's much better than when you accidentally dyed your hair purple. I don't think I have a picture of your purple hair. And THANK goodness I have all the pictures of my half shaved head!
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