Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Not just yet . . . but soon we will be approved!

We have to turn in one more piece of paper and then we will be officially approved! I have to have Conner do an updated physical (Nicci and Ethan's was within the two year time limit). I didn't think I needed to do this, I thought I just had to go in and have a current height and weight and a copy of their shot records. But that is the only thing I sorta messed up on!! Pretty good for turning in all that paperwork.
Bethany, our case manager, said she enjoyed reading our application - that was so nice to hear! She said that once we turn that in then we will be approved and get to move on to the next step which is the home study process. We meet three times with a home study case manager, once in our home and two times at Dillon's offices which are based in Tulsa. Our home study case manager is Rebecca Hackworth. She is Pastor Paul's daughter. Pastor Paul was the pastor at St. James before Pastor Gary. We do not personally know Pastor Paul, but I had one of his granddaughter's in my class at church (not Rebecca's daughter). So, that connection is kind of cool.

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