Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My First Referral Dream

In my dream I was asleep (hard to explain, but . . . ) and China called while I was asleep. I couldn't understand what they were saying and was really groggy. I remember telling them that I couldn't understand them (they were speaking Chinese) or hear them very well. They tried talking to me some more, and again I told them that I couldn't understand. So, I hung up on China. The next morning I went to the Dillon offices and asked if they knew what that was all about. They said, "Oh yeah! We have your referral right here." They were very nonchalant about it and had to dig in a pile of papers on their desk to find our referral. (I promise Dillon is not really like this!) While they were digging my heart was racing because I was about to see our baby girl! They handed the picture of her to me. She wasn't at all what I expected. She didn't look Chinese at all. She had a very, very hairy upper lip and very thick eyebrows, and she looked like she was about three years old. I told them I'd have to go home and pray about it with Lyndal. As I was driving home I woke up!

Dreams are so wierd.

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