Monday, July 16, 2007

We Know Now!

I have really let this thing get away from me. Sorry for such a long lapse in postings. I will try to do better!
We ended up paying for a gender check at the ultrasound studio here in Tulsa. They have a guarantee that after week 17 they will be able to tell you the sex of the baby. So, Lyndal and I went in one day and the umbilical chord was in the way so she couldn't tell us for sure what we were having, but she said, "I don't see any boy parts." I went back the next day (had a little caffeine on the way there to see if that would get her moving around any - hadn't had caffeine in almost 3 years!) and low and behold it's a girl! YAY! Nicci said that it's a dream come true. We are very excited to have a cute, little, pink, prissy bundle around here again. We're thinking it might mellow Ethan out a little bit? We'll have to wait and see on that one. Currently he's yelling at Conner to "STOP! GO AWAY! GO SIT IN TIME-OUT!" I'm sure Conner is completely innocent in all of this.
As far as a name for this baby girl we are totally stumped. We do know that her middle name will be Grace after Lyndal's paternal grandmother. Anything I suggest just doesn't seem to sound like the right one. With the other kids it was the night before when we made a final decision, so we still have time to finalize names. I'm not to worried about that one.
I got my glucose test results back today and I am below the cutoff! YAY! I do not have gestational diabetes with this one!! WOO HOO!! Thank you God!

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Bethany O'Connor said...

Your Blog is now added to my favorites!!I hope you have a good weekend in Woodard.---How about Bethany Grace??!! : )