Saturday, May 10, 2008

Our Dogs - Maybe I'm Bored?



These are our wonderful dogs, Jasmine (the pug), and Sammy (the part beagle, part cocker spaniel, part dachsund). Jasmine is almost two years old and a great dog. She's awesome with the kids and has such a great sense of humor. She does snore almost louder than the TV sometimes. Sammy is 9 years old and a little grumpy sometimes. She wants to be the alpha dog in the house, but Jasmine won't let her and Sammy doesn't want to fight for the position. Sammy and Conner have a great relationship! They have been best buds since we brought Sammy home. The dogs both LOVE marshpillows and will eat their weight in them. They are really good dogs and make our family very happy.
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