Friday, August 21, 2009

SBG got Glasses!

SBG is short for Sweet Baby Girl in case you were wondering :)! Well, Carlie got glasses. Apparently there is some gene I pass to my children (I guess we could somehow blame my parents because not only is it me, but my sister has it and my cousin's daughter. Really it's my mother's fault if we are placing blame. But we are TOTALLY NOT placing blame on anyone. It's just a freak of nature, that's all nothing more, but wait . . . does that mean that I am a freak of nature? NO! Anyway . . . ) We went to the pediatrician, he did the pen light test and suggested we go to an ophthalmologist. We did. He said that she definitely was far-sighted and her left eye turns in. Same story, different person. We got our glasses just today and she's doing pretty good with them around the house. When we went to Target before coming home she kept raising them and saying "HELLO!" It was so cute, but they were not staying on her face at all, they were a new toy. It is going to take some adjusting to and I'm sure we will on more than one occasion say, "Carlie! Where's your glasses?" Nicole and Conner both had to have glasses, too. Conner was about 3 1/2 and Nicole was about 4. So far E is unaffected.
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