Wednesday, September 09, 2009

What a Sweetie

Carlie started preschool today! She goes just two days a week where Nicole and Ethan went. Her teacher is Miss Angela, Carlie calls her, "Onlala." Carlie had a great day and didn't even cry! She even went potty - she may be the first McMurphy potty trained before they are 2! When I dropped her off she had her pacifier (passy) in her mouth and I told the teacher that she did not need 'this' all day. Carlie just pulled her plug out and handed it right to me. She even left her glasses on quite a bit. Now, what is mommy going to do all day? Well, today I spent at home with Ethan because he was recovering from a little bug. Maybe next Monday I will go shopping or something!
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Howard and Kim said...

How absolutely adorable!!