Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We Got Our Girl!

We now have had Avery a little over 2 weeks. The above picture is our very first look at her in person and the bottom picture was taken Dec. 28 (after she was sharing the dog food with Jasmine:). I will post more details on our trip as I get time, but thought I'd at least start the blog up again. Avery fits perfectly! She has jumped into our household like she's been here forever. She eats a lot - constantly if we'd let her. She is sleeping pretty well and getting better at that even after recovering from jet-lag. We love her and still cannot believe she is here!
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By God's Design said...

Hi Lori! My name is Emily and we met you at Lucy's in Guangzhou on your last night, I believe. Your little girl was waving and saying "bye" to us when we struck up a conversation. We talked about Batou City and Pan Yue, but I never made the connection (until I got home) that you are friends with Melissa Freeman. She has told me about you and that we would be traveling at the same time, but I never put two and two together until now. Melissa and I live in Birmingham and go to the same church. Anyway, I found your blog through her. Hope y'all are having a wonderful time being home. Your daughter is a doll!