Sunday, January 31, 2010

Trying to Get Back to Bloggy Land!

Our first sight of Avery

Avery 1 month home
After following blogs for several years now, I have discovered why some of them fall of the earth after they come home.

They are either:

A) Too Tired to Tango

B) Overwhelmed with handling their new addition

C) Are "China-ed" Out

D) Don't think anyone is watching their blog anymore so they stop

E) Have SO much to do that they forgot they even HAD a blog and only use their blog to check on other people's blogs

Well, mine is a combination of A (the first couple of weeks), B (the new addition was great, but adding that one into the mix with 4 others was the tough part), C (let's just be honest), and E (I didn't exactly forget . . . ).

So, I am trying to be back on top of this thing because I do enjoy it. Since I don't make time for scrapbooking anymore this has become my scrapbook and I need to post the memories.

Let's start with the obvious . . . Avery. She is a remarkable little girl. She is a part of our family and there has been no question in HER mind or ours since day one. She came into this house and acted like she knew where everything was. The dog did not cause her fear except for maybe 5 seconds. She quickly learned to love baths and all her brothers and sisters. She comes to me for comfort when she gets hurt or just when she needs it. You would be amazed at how she has so quickly adapted to our family. She knows a few signs and learns about 1 new English word a week. She loves to dance, the dishwasher, and the dog water bowl. She gets along with Carlie pretty well - just like a typical sister relationship, sometimes they are partners in crime and sometimes they fight. She's kind of whiney, but we are getting better at that (I don't like whiners:), I'm sure it's because of her inability to communicate and the fact that she is coming down with another cold.

Shortly after coming home she developed an upper respiratory infection and needed some anti-biotics. The medicine not only helped her infection, but also cleared up this little rash she had on her torso that she was scratching so bad she was bleeding (poor baby). We had a follow-up appointment 2 weeks after the initial pediatrician's appointment and she gained almost 2 lbs. in 2 weeks! I knew she was putting on a little weight because her chubby little feet weren't fitting into her pink metallic flats so great anymore!

This adoption process has been rewarding, difficult, brought us closer to God, challenging, amazing, and I would do it all over again to get Avery. We had to go get our daughter and she just happened to be in China.

She's a true joy. God knew exactly what He was doing.
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