Sunday, April 04, 2010

The GREAT Hunt!

We have these friends who put on this great big-O egg hunt every year. There are stuffed eggs everywhere, prize eggs everywhere, each kid got a goodie basket, and tons of food. We had so much fun! The kids went through the Resurrection Eggs and what each symbol means, and then each kid's goodie basket had symbolic items in it such as "hand sanitizer that can only get you 99.9% clean, but Jesus can get you %100 clean!"
This was Avery's first attempt at hunting eggs! She was very apprehensive of the grass at first, but I baited her with the basket and a couple of eggs - and she took the bait! Once she gets on the grass she is fine, it's just that initial contact with it. She's a hoot! She got lots of eggs and ate a lot of candy - which made her even more of a hoot.
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