Wednesday, October 13, 2010

TEN Months

She's been with us just 10 months today. Ten months and one day ago she was living in an orphanage, with no Daddy, no Mommy, no brothers, sisters. Sometimes I forget that because the girl has adjusted so amazingly well - like really well. We have our moments of fear where we are all doing something that seems pretty much normal to us, like a helicopter will fly over, and she'll get nervous and cling to me, maybe whimper a little and say, "What's that sound Mommy?" Or she'll touch something that is unfamiliar to her - it used to be grass - and she'll completely balk at the idea. She's learned a new language, learned to take a bath, learned to ride in cars (and a few planes:), learned to eat food completely foreign to her, learned to get used to having her clothes changed, learned to 'go' in a diaper, and countless other things. She's been through so much and come so far,


I can hardly remember life without her!

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Joy L. said...

Amazing, isn't it!