Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Where is Your Mother?!

I know . . . you are waiting for an update on the master bath room. That's coming, I promise. However, we interrupt this regularly scheduled programming on home improvement to bring you this special report . . .

Somebody (who shall remain nameless) (who's name starts with an E) got ahold of a pair of scissors while the mom (who also shall remain nameless, who isn't me) was on an important phone call.

This E person cut his hair. He informed me that he saw it (the hair) fall on the ground (which he knew was not in his best interest because the mom might make him clean it up), so he decided to finish the self-given hair cut over the trash can (I've taught him well).

After the hair cut that he gave himself we had to go for emergency hair cutting surgery at Super C*ts. E wants to know how they are going to fix his hair. He wants them to glue his cut hair back to his head. Unfortunately that is only possible in the Tyra world. There were lots of tears.

He wore a hat to church. He's talking about paying a dollar so he can wear a hat to school tomorrow (not gonna happen). Or I'm sure he may come up trying to be sick in the morning.

Either way, he's still just as cute as ever!

My friends (who are twins, but shall remain nameless) think it is just hilarious that this happened because I have two more right behind him. HA HA! They are sooooo funny!

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