Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What's Up With the New House? ATTIC That's What!

Yeah, so someone around here has a Clark Griswold ball of Christmas lights to untangle, but for the most part the attic is done! I didn't take before pictures because . . . number 1 I forgot and number 2 you might cry. When the movers put the boxes in the attic they just shoved them in there all willy nilly, which was fine, but it had to be dealt with. Our old house had a teensy weensy attic and there was no way to even stand up tall in most of it. It was packed to the gills. This attic is pretty massive, thank goodness. Cause with 7 people in our family we got lots of junk to store. My trusty label maker was right by my side the whole time. I keep some of Conner's outgrown clothes for Ethan, most of Nicci's clothes for Carlie, and all of Carlie's clothes for Avery. Then there's the holiday stuff. And my husband's massive collection of wires, chords, cables, old keyboards, and old mice. Anytime we need a chord, cable, or wire we usually have it!

Now that this is done I can move on to the guest bedroom! YAY!

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