Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Am the Next Pioneer Woman!

OK, so I may not be the NEXT PW, but at least I'm cooking and not burning things, right? I've been trying out her recipes and cooking them in order as much as possible. Sometimes I skip around, but for the most part I want to stick to my routine. But let me just tell you how DEElicious the cinnamon rolls were and those are no where near the potato skins or this corn relish stuff that I'm supposed to make next!

Our next item of food to attack were the potato skins. Frankly, the only tater skins I've ever tried were from Friday's or even the Friday's frozen ones you can buy at Target. My teenager son LOVES those things! Apparently, they aren't too hard to make :) just a little time consuming.

We made the Potato Skins for a Memorial Day cookout we were having and I put a few people to work helping out because I had several trays of potatoes going. If I've learned anything about this whole cooking thing is that it brings people together and makes you spend time with people. Not that that was ever a bad thing, it's just that I never saw it as a group project.

Well, when you have a BBQ you have to have a dessert, right? AND, it doesn't have to be anything chocolate, right? PW's sugar cookies sounded good to me and they weren't too difficult to make (have you noticed that I am always worried about the difficulty of recipes? weird, huh?). And, listen, I know you aren't supposed to eat raw cookie dough because of salmonella poisoning or whatever, but, this cookie dough was some of the best I've ever had! And you know what that means, riiiiggghhhhttttt?????

If the dough is good, then the cookies must be REALLY good!

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