Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Just Plugging Away!

Well, our goal is to have the Application Part II in by the end of this month. So, everyday this week I have been trying to fill in blanks, gather paper work, asking questions to our case manager, and just kind of being anxious! I don't know why I'm anxious, just because of all that has to be gathered and done. I just have to remind myself that I need to take one piece of paper at a time.
There are about 4 families from our agency that are in China right now having their Forever Family Days. I have been enjoying watching their videos and seeing their pictures and reading their online journals via their websites. I cry when I see their first pictures as a family together. I can't imagine what that sweet baby girl is thinking when she is handed over to "strangers!"
In the mean time I am trying to remember to dot every "i" and cross every "t." Lyndal is out of town during the week just for the month of April and that keeps me hopping with me and just the three kiddos. I try to make it fun by going to the park and getting ice cream, but I'm going to be a cow if I don't watch it with all my milkshakes! Anyway, if you are reading this, just say a little prayer for our family.


Sumac said...

Hey, Lori, my thoughts and prayers are going out every day, for you and Lyndal and the kids. We took a trip recently, to Las Vegas, where there seems to be a large Asian population. Every young Asian girl we saw, Grandpa looked at me and said, "There's our granddaughter." He was studying these kids with great interest and approval. Pretty good for a set-in-his-ways good old boy from NW Oklahoma.

Lori said...

I'm just now catching this! I'm slowly getting the hang of this blog thing and I'm a little behind on some things. I forget that people can post comments!
I'm glad he's "coming around." It will be so easy when she's here and we have a face to put with all this paperwork. That's when we get to see the fruits of our labors. I really appreciate the prayers - I need them! The past couple of weeks I've been anxious and stressed. I think I'm just excited because this is so cool! I'm not really worried that something is going to fall through and it won't happen or anything. I just want it to be a year from now, right now. Not that I wish Ethan's second year of life would fly by (the first one sure has!). I just want to be through the yucky part of filling out paperwork and getting things notarized. Anyway, I think this reply is long enough. Love you guys!