Monday, April 24, 2006

What do YOU take with you to the storm shelter?

I'm a born and bred Oklahoma girl. I've seen a few tornadoes in my day, been in the storm shelter more times than I can count, I've even been tied into a tree with a fishing stringer during a tornado (I DO love my Uncle Gary!). So, when I saw that we might be in for some tornadic activity this beautiful Spring evening I cleaned out the closet under the stairs, grabbed the children, the radio, some books for the kids to read, AND, as any Okie girl preparing for an adoption would, the precious computer that has all my information I have been working on for the adoption (my autobiography, which is 4 pages long; my letter to the People's Republic of China, etc.), and "the" notebook that has all the documents, forms, instructions, etc.

I'm not stupid.

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