Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Brief Update

I took our dossier paperwork to Dillon today. Our case manager will review it and send it off to be authenticated (make sure the notaries are legitimate). Our Home Study Report will also be sent off to immigration this week. Once immigration gets our Home Study Report they mail us a new piece of paper and we make an appointment to be fingerprinted in OKC - closest fingerprint office for us. After the fingerprinting and the authenticating are done everything is sent to the Chinese Consulate in Guangzhou. We are looking at a DTC of September or October. Once we have our Dossier to China (DTC) we wait for a Log In Date (LID). The LID determines when the clock starts as far as a wait for a referral and the unlikely chance that some of our paperwork should expire. Does that all make sense? Bottom line is is that we are almost to the big wait period!! That was easy!! The wait will go by fast because we have some adoption education classes we have to take, some books to read, and hopefully learn some Chinese even!

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