Wednesday, October 04, 2006

That PPP We Were Waiting For Came Yesterday!

After almost 6 weeks of waiting (the shortest wait is 8 days, the longest is 8 weeks) we finally received our I-171H from immigration! YEAH!! That is the last piece of the puzzle we were needing to finish our dossier. All we have to do now is get it to our adoption agency and then we wait to hear about a DTC date, then an LID date. The current wait is about 12 mos., but in April of '05 it was about 8 mos. So, the pendulum does swing back and forth.

PPP=Pesky Piece of Paper (while you are waiting for it) or Pretty Peace of Paper (after it comes)
DTC=Dossier to China (sent from our agency's office)
LID=Logged in to China (when it's logged in at the CCAA, the date the clock actually starts ticking)

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