Sunday, November 05, 2006

Next Week We Will Have a DTC Date!

I emailed Bethany AGAIN! (We are so blessed that she is so patient and gets my sense of humor because I threatened to fire her, picket the Dillon offices (I don't even know how to picket except that you make signs, at least they would be cute because I would use my cool fonts on my computer), hunt down people we were waiting on, etc. - all empty threats I assure you). She said that ALL we are waiting on is for other families' I-171h's to get back from being authenticated which only takes a few days! YEAH! We will finally be on the wait list!
This week was a busy week in the adoption world. Families who received their referrals last month got their TAs (travel approvals) and their CAs (consulate apts.), and new referrals were sent out, AND it was the biggest batch of referrals we've had in a while! Unfortunately, it was no one at our agency who got referrals because our August '05 group already got theirs. Our agency only sends out one group a month (or in our case they skipped a month).

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