Sunday, February 15, 2009

Diving Ethan

Ethan has a new "thing" to obsess about, or rather two. We've moved past wearing bathing suits everywhere. It kind of started when it got bitter cold out and then when the two older kids had their birthdays he wanted his birthday to happen. So, he planned for a Swimming Spiderman Birthday Party - and yes, you have to say all of those words or he gets mad. Anyway, he started packing a bag full of ALL his bathing suits to prepare for the big Swimming Spiderman Birthday Party, and that was the end of wearing bathing suits everyday. Now he LOVES Spiderman, and a lot of our conversations start with either "Who is stronger, Spiderman? Batman? or Incredible Hulk?" or "What does Spiderman do?" or "Where is my Spiderman t-shirt you bought me for a prize?" This morning, as we were getting ready for church, he had to have a Spiderman t-shirt to wear under his collared shirt. Well, we couldn't find one, or rather, we couldn't find a CLEAN one. So, we are digging through the DIRTY clothes looking for any Spiderman t-shirt this kid can wear under his nicer church shirt (I figure no one is going to see it anyway so what's the harm, right?), we finally find one and we are off to church. As we picked him up his teacher said that he was so proud of his Spiderman shirt that he had to show everyone and he told the teacher to write "Spiderman" at the top of his paper NOT Ethan!
His second obsession is diving. According to him he's been diving with everybody in his family and will go diving with them again "tomorrow." He practices diving every time we take a bath until last night when his goggles broke. He likes them down low on his head, over his ears, and very tight, he's constantly tightening them and they finally gave way. The rest of that bath was in tears because he couldn't practice his diving.
Thus the life of a strong willed, very lovable, three and a half year old.
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