Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ni Hao From China Camp!

Every year they take a group photo. This is not everybody!
See Nicole in there?
One little group singing "London Bridges" in Chinese.
This week we had China Camp for three days. The kids are immersed in the Chinese culture and the adults can either volunteer or attend classes on various subjects. I did a little of both. Nicole was with her 'rabbit' group (that's her in the bottom picture on the left) and they performed a dance called 'Rice bowl' during closing ceremonies. The kids learn a little of the language, holidays, food, dance, videos, and kung fu. Nicole's favorites are the crafts and kung fu. My two little ones were in the nursery (E was not happy about that, he thinks he's too big for the nursery). I helped out the first two days, then Lyndal and I attended an adult adoptee panel and a panel that had doctors from China's Gansu Province. There are kids that come from all over the U.S. to attend China Camp! The first day there were 238 campers. My friend Kim said that she heard one of the little girls say, "They all have black hair just like me!" It's the little things we might not think about that makes a big difference.
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