Sunday, November 08, 2009

Today Was WONDERFUL! (despite the head butting goat pictures)

Today was an adventure. We trekked to OKC to welcome some friends in from China with their children. They had been in China for over 2 weeks and flew in just today! Their whole family was together for the first time and it was all good. I wish I could post pictures of the family, but I gotta protect them. Just trust me that it was so good to see them home after such a very long journey. After the airport we went to visit family. We saw my Grandma and Kenneth for a while. Carlie finally opened up a little bit and showed her sassy side to them! The older kids spent most of the time outside climbing the tree. Then it was off to my Dad and Leslie's house to play with the goats and shoot guns (just Conner)! They got some new Boer goats - Cowboy and Boulder. Cowboy is the one playing with Conner, Boulder would have very little to do with us. Cowboy is so cute! I wanted to take him home and he could be our new 'dog.' But Dad said that they were going to eat him! I protested, but am not sure if I will win or not :(. I hope they get a male and a female next time so they can have baby goats - Dad said they might. Wouldn't that be cute? Little baby goats? Then Conner did some skeet shooting. He's an excellent shot! It was a great day, and we are pooped.

We hope to get an update on Miss Avery this week!
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