Friday, June 25, 2010


Nicole takes horseback riding lessons. We haven't been able to go in a while because of the weather or illnesses or just stuff getting in the way. But I LOVE to go to the barn. It's just such a different environment for the kids - ya know, us city slickers. It gives me a little taste of growing up and being around a big red barn and farm animals with horses, cats, birds. My Grandpa Stambaugh raised and raced horses as a hobby. My friends, sister's and I spent lots of time riding in buckets on a horse walker. There's nothing like the smell of being at the barn, even the yucky stuff smells good to me! Nicci loves to ride the horses. She usually rides a 20 year old horse named Chief, but today she rode Buddy. Chief was busy roaming around enjoying the grass and taking the day off. Buddy tends to have a mind of his own, but it was good for Nicole to have a bit of a challenge this morning.

This morning we had a treat.

A 5 day old baby colt!! His name is Chevy and I got to pet him, then shortly after the momma tried to nip at me :). It's OK, she was just protecting her baby boy. Isn't he just the sweetest! I wanted to take him home.
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Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Awww..what a cute pony!!! Gotta love those old familiar smells!

Have a wonderful week!

Love and blessings,