Thursday, January 13, 2011

Beyond Grateful

It's a blessing really. We get to make this house our own, AND we got a REALLY good price on it for our family that is not getting smaller, only bigger (not by number just by physical growth, at least for now - I like to tease my mother in law ;). However (which is just a fancy way to say 'but' if you ask Dr. Phil, and I agree), there is some major updating that needs to take place in this new house. Unless saloon doors are back in style, no? What? Isn't the style of 1984 coming back around now? No?
Didn't we just get rid of an entry way chandelier like this one? Huh? (Yeah, that's Carlie up there!)

Yeah, that's a saloon door on the 'throne room' in the master bathroom. So for a while we'll just be able to look and see if we see any feet under the door instead of politely knocking. Maybe we'll keep it.

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