Saturday, January 15, 2011


We went out to eat last night and while we were waiting another adoptive family walked in (we did not know them, we do not know ALL the adoptive families:). Avery noticed the little Asian girl and said, "Hey! She looks like me!" I was stunned that at the young age of 2 she realized that she looked a little unlike most people. One of the first things the orphanage director told us, in the few English words she knew, was, "She is very clever." When we see or hear of things Avery does that indicate how stinkin' smart she is, we both look at each other and say, "She is very clever."

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Joy L. said...

My girls also picked out other Asian children at a very early age. Last summer Rachel kept pointing to Asian girls and calling them "Laura" - the name of an adopted Chinese friend. At China Camp she went nuts - "Laura! Laura!" In other words, "Hey, you look like me!"