Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So, I had a little surgery a little over a week ago. I guess I'm done with my uterus. It was a relief to have it done, but a little strange I'll have to admit. It's done a great job! OK, enough talk about that! I think I overdid it today. I'm not a person that likes to be out of commission AT ALL. I can take the 'being lazy in bed' for only so long and then I have to start tackling things like . . . say . . . LAUNDRY . . . or KIDS . . . or crap that seems to just accumulate on the floor in our living room magically. So, I sort of make myself bounce back pretty quickly even if the doctor tells me to cool it. This evening I was back in bed. Ugh. Pain. I just flat out overdid it. Thank goodness my sister and her family are here! I could not have done this surgery without the help of them, my mother, my mother-in-law, my friends, and my church family - they are all the best! More rest tomorrow. Trying to be productive in bed means a little more blogging and exploring a REALLY cool website called Pinterest! Oh. My. This is something to stay in bed for! Well, maybe for a little while.


Angie said...

I hope that you are feeling so much better! Sending up a prayer for you!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I had the same surgery June 6. I felt a little better each day as long as I rested. I am almost 6 weeks out from surgery and I am amazed at how great I feel and thrilled to be done with the monthly stuff. Praying it works that way for you. REST... I know I hated it too. :)