Monday, October 13, 2008

Number 4 turned ONE

I'm a little late on this post because our card reader thing is broken and I kept forgetting to tell my hubbie to download these pictures. Anyway, Carlie Grace turned one on October 1! She's gotten so big! It's funny how I still think of her as being this tiny little petite thing, but when I see these pictures she looks rather large! Carlie is such a sweet little thing, but definitely knows how to get her point across. She's not walking yet, but crawls everywhere and even climbs up stairs. She says, "hi" occasionally. The other day when we picked Conner up from school I could see her just looking at him, and she smiled real big and said, "hi!" It was so sweet, like she just adores her big big brother.
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Howard and Kim said...

A little late, but happy birthday, sweet girl!!

Wow! It is hard for me to believe it's been an entire year since we were anxiously looking for your arrival!

Give your mom some sweet kisses tonight. :)