Sunday, September 19, 2010

Guess Who Has Their Forever Family!!!

This little girl is Wu LiNa. We met her at the Baotou S.W.I. when we visited there to see where Avery had spent the first year of her life. She was just adorable and I wanted to put her in my pocket right then! She now has her forever family!! You know what the coolest thing is? She ran to her FATHER first! We should all run to our Father first. You can go check her out at I'm so glad the orphanage let her hair grow out - she has the cutest little pig tails. Can you imagine getting your forever family when you are 6 years old? What must be going through that little girls' head. Precious.
The orphanage sent her all dressed up so cute and with a bag full of momentos and even some examples of the work she had done in school. We have been so blessed to have our children taken such good care of. Thank you God. Go visit, this is the organization responsible for training the nannies, the preschool, medical care, new building, etc.
Now, this sweet Pan Yue, she needs a mom and a dad. She's the same age as Avery, and just cute as a button. Just like the parable of the lost sheep . . . we'll go after that one.

It's been a great day in China! I know of THREE families who have gotten their children in the past 24 hours. My heart over flows. I want to go back to Baotou.
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