Friday, November 05, 2010

Falling In Love With Branson (Wow That's a Corny Title)

We took the scenic route on the way there. Not sure there's much of a choice, but it was beautiful to see the Mark Twain National Forest with all it's changing tree colors and winding roads swirling up into the mountains. When I was a kid we used to go to the Rocky Mountains in the summer. My Dad loves the mountains, but doesn't like driving up into them on rural roads much. We'd get up about half way and he'd precariously turn us around. These roads weren't like that. This was God's country.
Our first day was spent at Silver Dollar City or Sinner Donner Cinny as Carlie called it. It was a beautiful day and we went all over that place more than once. There were only a few rides that Avery was tall enough to ride and she seemed fine with that. We kept her busy with the food and the sights.
This was fun! It went up and down and round and round. I made Nicci go with me, she wasn't too sure about it and I don't think she was too happy with me. She's more of a roller coaster type of chick!
We're missing one! Yup, Conner stayed back in Oklahoma with some friends so he wouldn't miss the church Fall Retreat. We really missed him, but he had a great time where he was. We stayed in a cabin in the woods where it was nice and cozy. After our days of exploring we came back here to make caramel apples, drink hot chocolate, explore outside, sit in the hot tub and watch movies. It was a wonderful and much needed break from our rat race.

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