Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Krazy Kids!

I've got these friends. Let me just tell you how KRAZY they are . . . FIRST of all they have 8 kids. Yes, I said 8. SECOND of all they are bringing home their NINTH child in a few months (it will be their SIXTH adoption from China). THIRD of all their kids' names all start with the letter "K" and each name is six letters long - kooky, I know. FOURTH of all they are one of the biggest examples in MY life of someone who has AMAZING faith. They KNOW that God is going to provide for their family, for their adoptions. They just know it. Adoption is not cheap, but God always ALWAYS provides. Kurrently they are fundraising for their newest treasure from China, Miss Kasidi (isn't that cute?). If you wouldn't mind taking a peek at their blog just to check them out I would just LOVE that. They make and sell the most amazing kandles - great for teacher's gifts or just to make your house smell yummy. You will be blessed!

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Debbie Sauer said...

I am so thankful for people who adopt. Wish we would have don it. Blessings.