Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Poll - Help Us!

Our children all have "nicknames" except Conner - he refused. Nicole is called Nicci or Zoe. Zoe is because when she was little she used to were bracelets on both hands and had reddish hair, that reminded us of the monster Zoe on Sesame Street. Ethan is Diggy, after Diggy on the show "Run's House." Their son Diggy has a scratchy voice and our Ethan does, too.
Now, here is where we are having a hard time. Carlie's nickname is a debate. My husband wants to call her Pepper Pots. I want to call her Tinkerbell (when she has a poopy diaper she can be called Stinkerbell or just Stink).
So, if you could please vote in our poll (to the right) as to what nickname you think Carlie needs that would be great. I'll post a picture of her so you can see the deserving young child is . . . .


Lyndal said...

Pepper Potts is Iron Man's secretary. And she was played by Gwyneth Paltrow in the recent Iron Man movie. How complimentary is that!?!? Besides... I've always been in charge of nicknames... and I just can't call her Tinkerbell. :-/

Vote Pepper!!

Lori said...

So, my husband has the hots for Gwyneth Paltrow. Is that what YOU got from reading his comment?
I'm not a leggy blond.

Vote Tinkerbell!

Anonymous said...

Tinkerbell definetly!!!! cause Mrs. Michelle said :)