Monday, November 24, 2008

Long Live the 70's and 80's!

My youngest sister emailed me and said, "Send more old pictures so I can laugh my fanny off at you guys!" So, here are some more, but none with her in them just yet . . . savin' the best for last laughs!
The top picture is taken on my Grandma and Grandad's front porch and is one of my all time favorite pictures, especially of my middle sister, Angie. She is on the top row in the middle (is that not the cutest face?!) I remember that outfit for some reason, it was terry-cloth. My cousin D'Ann is to her right and to her left is my Grandma and Grandad's neighbor (who happened to be one of Angie's best friends, and her mom was my piano teacher), Lori B. On the bottom is me, then my cousin Brent, then Mark. I had the most fun with my cousins back then and still do to this day.
The bottom picture was taken at my other Grandparent's house at Christmas. I am totally diggin the furniture in this picture! The TV with the rabbit ears, the foiled horse statue, the green velvet chair with the nail-head trim talk about some style. I think that this picture of me looks a little bit like Carlie, what do you think? I'm probably about 2 in this picture.
Enjoy! Hope Amber has stopped laughing by now! Just wait sister dear! I have some pretty sweet pictures of you! And I don't mean sweet in a good way.
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