Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Great Camping Expedition!!!

Our castle and our tent
The BRAVE Campers (Carlie slept in the house with me and GaGa)
Lyndal reading the directions and Conner helping

Diggy is ready for those scarey stories!
The great wood gatherers!
We've been wanting to camp for a while now, but you know "the facilities" are not always up to my standards ("Mr. Frederickson? Do you dig a hole before or after? Nevermind! It's before!" from UP). So, we had a WONDERFUL idea! Let's set up the tent and camp at GaGa's house! She has a large yard with a level place for a tent. She has a creek which equals lots of birds chirping, crickets cricketing, lightening bugs, wood for burning, and just the right touch of slightly scarey noises (we heard coyotes!). AND the best backdrop of all was the CASTLE that PaPa built with a waterfall and everything! It was a perfect night for building a fire, making s'mores, and falling asleep under the stars. The three older kids and Lyndal fell asleep and I tip-toed up to the house to sleep in a nice bed - tee hee! I'm no dummy.


Lyndal said...

I was NOT reading directions... I think I was just picking up a piece of trash... yeah.

You didn't include the story about how I thought it was raining at 4am and realized we didn't turn the sprinklers off!

Lyndal said...

Sometime late at night in the dark I heard Ethan rustling...

Ethan: "Dad... I'm kinda cold."
Lyndal: "Ok son, do you want to move your sleeping bag close to me?"
E: (shakes head)
L: "Son, I can't see you... you need to say yes or no."
E: "No."
L: "Do you need to go inside Ethan?"
E: (shakes head)
L: "Son, I can't see you... use words."
E: "No."
L: "Well... are you really cold? Do you want to get in my sleeping back with me??"
E: (shakes head)
L: "Son, I can't see you... use words."
E: "No"
L: "Ethan, are you still cold?"
E: "Dad... will you go to sleep?"
L: "Sure."

Howard and Kim said...

LOL Lyndal. Sounds very much like our house. (Howard won't admit to reading directions either.) Of course, he manages to get lost with a GPS on the dash of his truck too. Oh, AND he packs pocket knives into the INS offices...