Friday, August 08, 2008

Avery's Birth Father is that You?

I was watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies and it struck me that one of these men could be "the one." It's a tad far fetched, I know, but what if . . . ? That last picture is not of the opening ceremonies. I saw it the other day and thought it was unreal. Does it look like a human toilet or what? I think it would need to be pretty stinkin' hot for me to have to cool off in that. How on earth do you lifeguard a pool that size with that many people in it?
Back to the opening ceremonies. I have them on the DVR and have only watched a short part of them, but they are amazing! I am just in awe of the technology and creativity involved. There are a ton of people there and I'm not one much for crowds, and I would not want to be there, but I would - make sense?
Enjoy the games!

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