Monday, August 18, 2008

The Race . . . .

Every year we get together with our great friends the H's and the G's for a Back to School party. We eat, have a Get Ready For School relay race, and pray over our kids for the upcoming school year. When we first started this 6 years ago we only had 5 kids between us, we now have 10 kids between us! The relay race is one of the highlights of the evening. They start out and have to eat breakfast which is usually half a waffle or something easy, then they have to get dressed for school (usually a t-shirt over the clothes they are already wearing), then they have to pack their backpacks, put it on and touch the fence. This year only the big boys and Caleb, one of the younger boys, wanted to participate. Blaine won! Caleb was a great sport even though he was really last!
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