Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My 11 Year Old Hates Rice, is This My Fault?

I do not like to cook. I do not like to cook. I do not like to cook. I do not like to cook. I do like to eat.

If I would just take a little time, plan a little better, and do a little research I'm sure I would be better. (I know what you are thinking . . . 'maybe if she wouldn't blog so much she'd be able to cook a decent meal'). I can't say I HATE to cook because I do like to eat, but if you tell me a 3 Musketeers bar is a healthy meal then why not eat two? My 'specialty' is chicken and rice, well, it used to be. Do you ever watch "Everybody Loves Raymond?" Debra has a meal that she fixes as her 'go to' and it is Lemon Chicken. She fixed it for Ray on their first date and every once in a while she fixes it and it makes me giggle. Well, chicken and rice is my Lemon Chicken. It's easy, I seem to always have those ingredients, it's a meat that doesn't gross me out, and it's rice, how can you go wrong with rice? As you can guess, I recently fixed chicken and rice. Lyndal says, "Think of something I do that bothers you that you would like for me to stop doing." (Major loaded question.) "Nothing dear, you are perfect! Don't change a thing," I say. He says "Well, if I stopped doing that one thing would you stop fixing chicken and rice?" I guess I got to find a new 'go to.' Maybe there's a recipe for Lemon Chicken out there somewhere . . .
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