Saturday, August 02, 2008

My First Born Daughter




Some of the things that come out of Nicole's mouth are just priceless . . .
A few years ago we were in Mardels' parking lot. I was pregnant with Ethan and told Nicci that I needed to use the restroom. She said, "Good. I do too, dat because my bottom's eating my panties."
The other day I just had Nicole and Carlie with me and was putting Carlie in the stroller. I said, "You two are my best girls!" Nicci said, "Are we gooder than the boys?"
Then today she was a tad upset that I hadn't pierced her ears when she was a baby. She is scared to get her ears pierced now and thought that if I had already done it and she had started to cry then I could've just put a pacifier in her mouth and it would've been over with.
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