Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Guess Where We Went?

The Tulsa Zoo! YAY! It was a little hot, a tad crowded, and at times we got a little grouchy (before lunch), but we had fun! The Tulsa Zoo is perfect. The walkways are wide, you have air-conditioned buildings, it's clean (for a zoo), the zookeepers are very friendly and have lots of information, and it's not too big. Their big attraction this year are the poison dart frogs. This is what Ethan wanted to see the most. He loves them! The Amazon Rainforest building is always my favorite. There are animals up in trees right over your head, birds walking around freely, and lots of really cool exhibits. There's a gift shop right outside the Amazon building that is nice to go in because it is air conditioned. We went in, but told the kids we weren't buying anything. Ethan latched on to a "fishin' poe" despite our statement of no toys. I finally talked him out of it and as we left the store he screamed, "I want a fishin' poe for Uncle Aunt Mary's house!" He screamed and cried from the gift shop to the van. We just laughed and kept moving!
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