Tuesday, December 02, 2008

LAST Batch I Promise!

I have quite a few pictures of me, my middle sister, and my three cousins, that is what the top and second picture is. The second picture has a funny story to it. My sister Angie, notice how there is a gap of space between her and the rest of us? Well, she was the "asker," she was the youngest (for 8 years), and she was really cute. Whenever the five of us would want something, but we thought our mom's might say no we'd rehearse with Angie what to say and have her go ask. Well, this happened to be Easter Sunday and we wanted to walk to the corner store which was a few blocks away and guess what. Our mom's said no. Who did we get mad at? Angie. OBVIOUSLY it was her fault, right? That is so sad! Look at how cute she is in her little pink gingham dress, that white bow in her hair, and those ankle socks. I'm sorry Angie! It's not your fault! You can go to the corner store in your Easter dress now! (Yeah, that's me in the glasses.)
Check out my mom's hair in that last picture. Is that real?! That couldn'tve been the style! Who does that? How does that happen? Just kidding mom, it's much better than when you accidentally dyed your hair purple. I don't think I have a picture of your purple hair. And THANK goodness I have all the pictures of my half shaved head!
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