Saturday, December 13, 2008

Carlie, a Spoon, and a Bowl

Carlie does this "eh" thing, which means 'I want something and you need to figure it out.' It's not very cute at all, but she is communicating, sometimes she does some signs after we tell her to, but for the most part it's "eh." So, the other night she was "eh'ing" at us and we finally figured out that she was wanting a bowl and a spoon like everyone else. Can you imagine us all hopping around trying to figure out what she wants, bringing her various objects until she nods that that is what she wants? It's really not that bad, but we want the "eh'ing" to stop pretty quickly so we try to guess. Once we figured out it was a bowl and spoon she was thrilled! She kept pounding the spoon into the bowl trying to get food on to it, but not much luck. She resorted to picking it up with her fingers. But, hey, we are learning!
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